Hyder Builder Kids

Hey Welcome to The Hyder Builder Kids!

Hyder Builder Kids love to be innovative and create!  You will find here some highlights of their favorite original creations.

To give a little bit of background – the idea originally came from my oldest son – Landon.  In preschool, his teacher gave him the “Architect” award because she said he could make something out of anything. That is the truth. He will suddenly get an idea in his head, and run off to make it. His younger brother, Ayden, loves to build and create too.

At home we do fun experiments and projects through Hyder Home School, but Hyder Builder Kids are creations completely made by the Hyder Kids. From their own forts, to lego creations, to water bottle holders for their bikes – their ideas are original.  If they saw a picture or video and ran with their own version we make sure to credit the source of the inspiration.

The boys asked if we could start making videos displaying some of their creations and so their own YouTube playlist was made.

As a family, we believe all of us were made to create. Through exploring, and inventing the kids have loved discovering this part of themselves. This page’s goal is to collect and display all their original ideas, activities and inventions.

While at this point my kids are not quite old enough to make their own videos, these videos were designed with the Hyder Kids involved every step. They picked out the music,  asked to put in text, or take out text, and approved the video in the end.

They were the creators of the inventions and active roles in the creations of the videos.