Hearing Aid Basics: What Does a Hearing Aid Do?

My family gets asked often: What is that in their ears, and what does a hearing aid do?

We love when people ask us this question. It gives us the opportunity to share with others about hearing aids, hearing loss, and how they work. Specifically, we get the chance to educate, model, and advocate. We get that people are curious – adults included. Hearing aids are incredible pieces of technology, who wouldn’t want to know more?
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First Time Baby Hears With Hearing Aids

This was our child’s response to the first time hearing with hearing aids.

We found out Sayge, our third child, most likely had hearing loss when she was 2 days old. She did not pass the newborn hearing screening test. While doctors assured us that it was most likely fluid in her ears that was causing the failed screening, we knew that it was extremely likely. That is because Sayge’s older brother, Ayden, has hearing loss. His too was detected at birth. Both children had no other signs or reasons that might have caused the hearing loss.

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